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We need to show the original 7 some love. Early reviews described it as being "sharper than a swiss watch". Its lines are timeless and too many have fallen into the hands of what I like to call "scrotes". When I was about 17 (2002 or so), I saw a stock 1983 SII FB on a lot in my hometown. It had been owned from new by an old lady, and it showed. It was an auto, but it was in PERFECT condition. I mean not a scratch on the original wheels, not a blemish on the (metallic brown) paint, not a scratch on the plaid inserts on the seats. It was too expensive for me, and the only one of my mates who could afford was busy with his SR20DET S14.  I walked past it everyday on the way to school, staring longingly. It wasn't a selfish longing. I wanted to preserve for future generations. To save it from falling into the wrong hands.

  Alas, after 5 weeks on the lot, it disappeared, only to reemerge 2 weeks later, painted spray-can purple, on cheap chrome wheels, with bubbly window tints and a KOBI muffler. It looked awful and sounded worse. I will never forgive those scrotes for what they did. I was heartbroken. Its like discovering the hot girl you fancied when you were 12 became a skank in highschool, then dropped out because she got pregnant and is now stripping, showing off her c-section scars.

If you ever find yourself in a position to rescue an SA/FB from this fate, look inside your heart, then your wallet and please, please help save a future classic before its too late.