Project Dumpster Fire is up to its old tricks again! Namely, I had just finished doing a cooling system flush and was ready to refill the system. I slapped in a new thermostat and gasket and began to refill the system. About halfway through I hear a hissing noise coming from around the thermostat.. Figuring it was the bleed nipple, I continued filling and filling.

Then coolant started gushing out of the thermostat housing.

I cleaned up the mating surfaces using a scouring pad and noticed some deep pitting in the housing, which is... worrying. Not sure what would cause that level of corrosion, but on this bright side it seems to be confined to the housing itself, which is a small part.

A smear of Permatex RTV and I re-mated the surfaces. We’ll know tonight if it worked.


Dog B being a bed hog, for your time.