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Saab 9-3 wagons are beautiful and this one is NP

I’ve been tossing around the idea of selling my turbo beetle and buying something with the equity I have in it so that I don’t have a monthly payment. This would free up some much needed funds for my 996(assuming the replacement doesn’t need $200 per month in work). I’m not sure I’d do it, the beetle is pretty entertaining, and so far reliable, and even if it had problems, it has another year of CPO warranty. But it's fun to debate these things, so I look at cars on Craigslist.

One car that has caught my eye as a replacement is a 2006-ish Saab 9-3. Owners seem to care for them, they have decent power, manuals are fairly available, they seem to not rust out very easily, they have mostly GM underpinnings so maintenance parts are mostly affordable, and the cars themselves are cheap.

Well, I was cruising a bunch of different Craigslist to see what prices, mileage, and the market was like when, there it was. A manual, wagon, for $3,000.


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