I’ve narrowed down my hopefully-this-summer second car purchase down to either a 9000 or a 9-5, and I wanted to get OPPOs opinions. I’ve owned a 9000 before and it was the worst car related financial decision of my life, but I just picked up a really rough example and want another badly, and I have a lot more knowledge and tools now to tackle repairs myself, plus it wouldn’t be my only car like it was last time. However, they are getting hard to find and I find myself considering a 9-5 also, I know the early cars had sludge issues, but I think it would be nicer from the get-go, whereas the 9000 has a lot more eventual potential. I’ve heard of people making 600hp pretty reliably out of the 9000 with minimal mods, but what about the auto trans? How much can that take? Yes I’d probably go with an auto, I already have a Miata and want more of a fast comfy road trip machine. I much prefer the styling of the 9000 but the 9-5 is ok as a wagon. What does OPPO think?