View from engine compartment towards RF lower control arm
View from engine compartment towards RF lower control arm

It’s been a busy past few weeks, too busy to get much done on the Saab. Our sister’s wedding was the major reason behind that, but we’re running out of excuses now.

Running out of time too, if we want to avoid this becoming more than a year-long project. Can you believe it’s been almost that long already? The target moved from just a few weeks, to before winter, to in time for summer... none of which came to pass.


The car has gone from “just needing a fuel pump, tires, and brakes” to “let’s make sure EVERYTHING is in good enough shape to last a LONG time” before even getting it on the road. And with the car having over 130,000 miles, this is no short order. It’s brought on considerable delay, but it’ll all be worth it to avoid a potential series of breakdowns.

In about seven weeks or so, my brother will have had the car for one full year. And there’s nothing inherently special about it to justify it being a long-term project. It’s not a turbo, it’s not a restomod, it’s... just a regular 900S sedan. Maybe the story about it sitting for about 13 years makes it sort of special? Resurrections are always fun. And it’s certainly special to my brother, for whom this is a big learning experience (I’m learning a lot too).

So with that in mind, we’d REALLY like to have it back on the road before the one-year mark. And with that anniversary “deadline” coming up, my brother intends to double his efforts and MAKE time. I’ll be there too, for as much of it as I can. But I still want him to get the full experience of working on it, so I’m not going to jump ahead of him. Anything that there are multiples of (like brakes), I want him to do at least one, and I’ll lighten the load by doing the other side. I can also help with monotonous stuff, like scraping gaskets. Not much for him to learn there.

Right now, we’ve got an engine to reassemble, and some welding to do before it goes back in. Speaking of which- we’ve been doing some cleaning of the area and are getting a better idea of how to proceed there. Even found another supplier through which we can get some repair panels to weld in. It’s all coming together... eventually!

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