Saab Story - 10 Days Remain

Progress as promised, though less than I had hoped...

And yes, I do keep changing the name of this this story. “I’m a massive idiot” doesn’t really have a ring to it.

Luckily, a couple of easily solved problems have emerged, one being a coolant leak. Luckily the location seems pretty obviously the heater control valve which is (A) relatively inexpensive and (B) easily bypassed. Thanks Saab!

Leaking right at the firewall...

Further time was spent addressing another “easy” fix: an oil leak. This one was coming from the turbo oil return pipe, which I forgot to tighten up after replacing the starter. And by “forgot” I mean “didn’t care to because it is a complete pain in the ass”.

Whoever designed this was a complete monster...

After a few hours taking turns with a clawfoot my helper and I got the bastard tight. Leak no more!


Even better, a problem has emerged! You know you’re getting desperate when symptoms other than “won’t start” present themselves. On my next starting attempt the fuel “control pressure” read what you’d expect from line pressure. That means something is stopped up. I immediately suspected the the warm up regulator, though I have no real reason to other than it is literally the only component of the fuel system that hasn’t been rebuilt or replaced since I started working on this.


Anyway, while waiting on a new warm up regulator, I I cleaned the threads best I could and then uhhhhh... well lets just assume that I’ll need to rebuild the engine before that spark plug goes bad anyway and leave it at that. I’m not proud, but whats done is done.

Next up is some light reading and waiting on parts. Oh and I guess I have a new windshield on the way? We’ll see if Safelite pulls through, but I am not holding my breath.

Some light reading

Light update, but such is life.

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