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Saab story continues...

More problems continue to arise. The A/C belt I added finished off the doomed tensioner pulley I was unaware of. New part from Subaru? $40. Easy day. The old part has some good carnage though!


And the belt was still good too! No cracks or tears somehow. In other good news I was given a new to me toolbox by my grandfather over Easter, a little rust repair and it will be good as new.

OLD school craftsman toolbox, heavy steel, locking drawers, and in reasonable shape minus the rust on the top and latches. At least I can stay busy while I’m between jobs.


On a side note, any Oppo’s have a Craftsman Pro series gray and red intermediate tool box for sale? usually 2 or 3 drawers, I’m on the hunt to finish off my set, although if you are local and aren’t asking an outrageous price, I’m willing to buy a whole cabinet to have a matching set.

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