You guys start a SAAB Sunday and I'm away from home so I can't dump my archive on ya'll. Maybe this will do. Embarked on a roadtrip 3 years ago with my, now ex-, girlfriend. Our starting point was Ljubljana, Slovenia. The destination, Trollhättan, Sweden, home of SAAB and site of the factory.

About to depart:

We spent the day leisurly driving the backroads of Slovenia and Austria (screw highways), ended up parking somewhere along the route and this was the morning view:

This is how we sleep. Rear seats fold flat and I removed their bottom parts to allow for my 185cm carcass to rest:

Lea taking the wheel.

Dicking around with the camera in a tunnel, somewhere in the Austrian mountains:

This is our buddy, Baab Van Hedgehog. Van as in a van. Don't ask. :D He's constantly in the car. Saved the poor feella from a garbage bin. He reminded Lea of Bob from That '70s Show.


Cool things to do with duct tape, 2011 summer edition, case #1. If your 12V outlet/lighter is somehow too wide to keep the connector in place, duct tape it! Ain't the prettiest, but what can you do.


No parking disc? Use an old HP printer test page that you have handily stashed somewhere in your car for no reason.

Fishing for wifi in Burghausen:

Longest castle in Europe, at 1.043 km or 0.64809 miles. Not much of it in the photo, but the view is nice. That church is way behind it.


This night, after flooring it on the Autobahn, we stop at a rest area to find a nasty whine coming from the engine bay. We sleep it off and look for solutions in the morning. A Volvo driver with Swedish plates who happens to be a fellow Slovenian, tries to assist me and we mis-diagnose it as the alternator. We pull off the highway, have a local garage asses the situation and they agree. A new trick I learned, put a piece of pipe on the offending part and listen to see if it's the one causing trouble. Though, it was, so what the heck, backwater German dude? At least they didn't charge us.

We mill around and stop for lunch in a random field. The weather is sour, so this is how you cook lunch:


Our day is made brighter by eventual sunshine and a vintage road rally. Her favorite, a beige-brown, what I thought was an Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite, but it doesn't really match up:

My favorite, and first time I've seen one, A GODDAMN COBRA:

These guys seemed happy to see us:

I believe this to be a Bentley of sorts, don't really know much about pre-war stuff:


Still life:

Cool things to do with duct tape, 2011 summer edition, case #2. Spilled some ground coffee in your car? Low on water? Use duct tape! BTW, this cubby hole next to the handbrake is awesome for your smartphone and wallet. Designed in the early '80s. Wooo.


Cool things to do with duct tape, 2011 summer edition, case #3. Cold at night? Vents the suspect? Alleviate your misery with duct tape!

My boost gauge doubles as a mirror:

Woman sleeping, man cooking. I had nothing to do with the fire, but it was a nice place to anchor my cooker. Lake near Ingolstadt. Yes, we did check out the Audi place.


Woman posing, man admiring:

Man posing, woman admiring:

Lake from the other side:

Spied this Beemer in München, on the way to an Opel dealership. Cause GM, right? Well, they did have a new alternator, which could be mine at a bargain-basement price of 952 Euro. Plus labour. Even the guy at the counter laughed.


Found this suede Swede during sightseeing:

A few meters down the road:

Short chat with the owner later (he used about 2 words to reply to me twice, granted he was working under a car) and we walk about the yard to look at more of his stuff:


Mai Volvos, let me show you them. Love the Lambda sond badges :D

Couchsurfing meeting and free Ben & Jerry's, even Baab approves:

With engine problems looming over us like a heavy storm cloud, we decide to make the most of this trip and stay in München for a few more days and attend the Free&Easy festival during the nights. Trü metal fan:


Holy schnitzel, it's da fuzz! Classy rides they have over there. This is where we slept, didn't want to risk it in the town:

Back to being tourists in Olympia park:

Since I'm in the architectural field, I may be biased, but I find this a thing of beauty. Olympia stadium roof:


Took this for my buddy, courtesy of his incessant yapping about the virtues of BMWs:

A bar inside a 'pig':

Not sure what this is supposed to commemorate, but picture an engine that goes with it...


Baab travels the München ring:

Another sleepover site:

Eating can be cheap and plentiful, courtesy of some local budget supermarkets:

Trolling the Technical museum visitors:


Been to this museum three times already and this is the best thing in it, I usually spend an hour just looking at the plane. Me-262, for the uninitiated:

This bit was boring, alright. Though I can be a boring tool with sack as well.

And back to the festival again, to see The Cromptons, a local stoner rock band:

Toilets full of graffiti. Venue is called Backstage:

The highlight of the festival for me, MOTHAFOKKEN COLOUR HAZE. I have been dying to see them live. They did not disappoint:


Perhaps not very relevant to most people on site, but it just shows the Balkans mindset. This is a packet of cigarettes from Slovenia (I can tell by the warning label), which somebody saw fit to dispose of in a local park. Sure has gone far:

Leaving Munich ain't easy. The whine from the engine bay was getting too much so we bombed for home. And by bombed I mean trailing lorries at like 2 meters / 7 feet distance at 90kph on the highway in 5th, to put as little strain on the engine as possible. Got my consumption to 5.7 liter per 100 km / 42 mpg! I know it's stupid, but I really needed to get my babies home badly.


And this is where it all comes undone. Sometime around midnight, I suppose, in the middle of Austria, there is a loud howl, the kind that breaks your heart and the car's serpentine belt. The dash lights up, the voltage drops (love the SAAB board computer!) and the steering is heavy. I floor it to the next rest stop and park it like so:


The epilogue involves finding a ride for Lea to get her back to Ljubljana and a very minor road assistance scam to get a free tow for the price of yearly membership. I swear, we just set off yesterday! ;)

I have shit ton more pics, and high resolution of course. At home. The vintage rally might be interesting for you guys, it had a bunch of 911s, some 914s, a few old Japanese cars (some rally prep'd), lots of Mercs, etc. Anyone want anything, shout.

I can also post some photos from our 2010 trip from Slovenia to Spain, which failed for different reasons (sun allergy), but we took on Stelvio on the way back and gorgeous alpine roads on the way there. I just happened upon another 9000 driver at the French-Italian border road and he seemed to be local, so he freaking floored it like it was no tomorrow. I followed suit. There was a very surprised shiny new Golf GTI on the way. :D


Enough from me, enjoy your Sunday.