Well stuff is going down.

Turbo X:

  • Cut the Mufflers off
  • Registered for AutoX
  • Power steering went out.....

The resonator and cats remain, both to stay legal and tolerably loud but it sounds amazing with the mufflers gone. Pops off twice as much and it sings above 3k

9-3 Aero Sportcombi

Well the little coolant hose I fixed a while back is going bad, now it just sprays coolant onto the turbo heat shield. Great. I plan on getting that sorted this afternoon.



Straight piped it again for the heck of it. Unbolted the flex-pipe from the cat and drove it to a party, the looks on peoples' faces are priceless.....



Needs maintenance but it currently being driven by me because both 9-3s are out of commission until I sort the coolant hose on the wagon. I might just pull the power steering pump if I can on the Turbo X, but then parking will suck hard....


Oh and on a sidenote, I know a guy with a Local Motors Rally fighter, just sayin'. He's worked with them for 10 years now and was given the car to showcase throughout the Knoxville and Southeast area. He was kind enough to give me a ride and even offered to let me drive it. I might take it to a local car meet and bring him along when he's free.

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