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Saab updates

We had a torrential downpour in Austin this morning, which resulted in lots of flooding downtown (which I slept through). So went to make sure the Saab was still covered and staying dry (it was).

Also have lots of parts for the car ready, including front end bushings, ball joints, and axle boots. Have a VW beetle rack to modify, vintage spot lights and fog lights. Title paperwork is in progress. Still need to order brake parts, find a radiator, and look into suspension components. I ordered a single 195/80R15 tire to check fit.


Still need to learn how to weld so I can patch the floor and reinforce the suspension.

I was able to find and communicate with the previous, previous owner. She bought the car from the son of the original owners who parked it in the 1980s; meaning it was in storage for almost two decades by the time she got it. She drove it for about five years then sold it to the late Mr. Reiter. Unfortunately it has been parked outside since 2015 - what a way to treat an all original survivor! And his widow was going to send it to the crusher too!

Reiter seems to have been working on the car before he died, as it has a partially new exhaust fitted, and lots of small things were disassembled or removed from the car. The woman who owned it before him remembers it being in tact and all original aside from her needing to replace all the hoses and belts when she bought it from the original owners.

I feel bad that it was allowed to deteriorate, and while it would probably be an easy enough restoration, it’s also to the point where I don’t feel bad about doing the handful of mods I have planned - in any event a better fate than collapsing into a pile of rust in a field, or being melted down for new paperclips.

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