After some VERY positive responses from anyone who I asked and thinking about how to make it work logistically, I have decided to go for the Saabaru I posted about the other day. Now my crazy schedule for picking it up involves flying into SFO on Friday around 2pm, the seller is picking me up, test drive in the car (about 45 minutes) back to Fremont, hand over the bank check, head to the DMV for a terribly long line, and then a 5-6 hour drive down to LA. Its official though, funds are approved, flight is moved, and the sale is pending!

I am VERY excited for the new ride in my life. Unfortunately though after the weekend, I am not going to get to drive the car! And even more unfortunately (FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS) I already have a BMW Z4 hard top convertible rented for the weekend from Turo. So the Saabaru wont get driven much until I get there from my cross country drive in the Miata.

So as of Friday I will be the owner of three cars in two different states. And I will have to sell the Neon and drive 3500 miles over 9 days in the Miata. My life is totally OPPO right now! Yeah its not really a Saab but its still kind of obscure since only 235 were built in manual in ‘06. Neat!

Many pictures and stories to follow!!!



Also, this is the first car I have ever financed. Yeah, I could afford it in cash but the seller was totally cool with paying by a bank certified check and I got a REAAAAAALLY good rate for an 11 year old car (3.75% for 12 months) so I will happily make payments and enjoy the car. I also have never owned a car this low of mileage so it will be nice to have a MUCH newer car than I am used to. The car is also getting a PPI done this week just for some peace of mind. I figure I could still back out at this point but I dont think that will be an issue. I figure if anything turns up an issue, I could just argue the price down a little from the agreed upon $8600.