Well its settled, the SAABARU is no more! The deal has fallen apart and I am not getting the car. When I talked to the guy he seemed confident that the car has been babied and the issues are “minor”. While he may be correct about his ownership of it, the many red flags combined make this too much of a risk for me. I even expanded my final offer to $7500 and he said he didnt want to budge much from our original “8600". Like I doubt he even would have taken $8k!

At least he is paying for half of my fee for the inspection so that was cool of him. While this could have been an adventure, I am not committed enough yet to the idea of a car with potentional major issues. Maybe I am missing an opportunity? But Ive had enough people tell me I am CRAZY to spend that much so I will listen to my better judgement.


I kind of like the WRX in LA I am looking at currently, its the same thing but with much higher mileage and everything repaired. But also a price to reflect the repairs. So maybe I hold out, consider other cars, and bide my time. Sucks, but such is life.

Just a good lesson in dont count your chickens before the eggs hatch!

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