Well after too much time I finally completed the sable’s custom cold air intake. I had a friend of mine make me a MAF adapter flange made with CNC billet aluminum. I even decided on the piping too, lol. With 4 trips to AutoZone and 1 trip to a Pep Boys I got the “cheap” spectre piping and some “silicon” joiners. The MAF adapter was a 3.5 inch hole and I need a 3.5 to 3 adapter for the piping to work right. I don’t really remember which pipes I used but the ones I know I did use were the 22 degree pipe, one 90 degree pipe, and two 6 inch straight pipes. Now with that setup, it enabled me to be able to pipe the filter into the fender-well for the coldest of air for the engine.

custom MAF adapter^

< everything installed

Now to the “other things” The other things include my plasti-dipped wheels and my Mach 1 chin spoiler. The wheels was a random decision and a decision out boredom. The Mach 1 splitter was mod I was planning on doing for a while. I picked up the chin spoiler at Ford Nationals from UPR for $40 brand new 50% off their websites price at the time. If you look closely at the front of my car you’ll the headlights are blacked out on the inside. That was a difficult mod to complete. Why? It involved baking the headlights in the oven without my mother knowing about it at the time. The black headlights and the black wheels really made the car more sinister and more eye catching IMO.


Thanks for reading about all the new mod about my Sable!