Sacrifices to the aesthetic gods.

In my dreams, except for that exhaust.

A list of damages over the past 1.5 years that would’ve been avoided by just keeping the car stock. Oooooor not lowering it so much.

1 Cracked subframe.


1 Clobbered skid plate for the subframe.

3 Cracked, Bent, Flattened, or otherwise heavily damaged exhaust systems. (Gave up and am running with -some- exhaust)

2 Partially pinched fuel lines.

1 Fuel pump (See what I did there)

1 Partially pinched brake line.

2 Rear wheel wells. (Fitment Yo)

1 Front Bumper Cover. (Contact with the ground had led to deep cracks along the bottom)


4 Tires Every 4000-7000 miles. (Too low to align, and ruined suspension geometry leads to fast tire wear anyways)

2 Dangerously dented oil pans.

1 Transmission,”Resurfacing”.

Disclaimer, Most of the damage was due to driving a lowered car up a rutted dirt road 2 miles per day. Nevertheless these damages were the price to pay for,”fitment”. Though it was not about making the car fit into that culture, I just thought it looked miles better and didn’t find it reasonable to tailor my car to the 1% of bad road it would encounter daily. Also the undercarriage of SC’s are around 2 inches lower than the car appears (lower than the body panels) and they come from the factory with an atrocious ride height, apparently for a reason.

It’s worse in person

Anyways once you’ve lowered the car to the point that the wheel fills the fender you’ve got maybe 2-3 inches between that subframe/undercarriage and the road.

Many moons ago

Worth it.

Got any similar experiences?

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