Sad & Angry

Wednesday afternoon, just before Thanksgiving, there was a crash not too far from where I live. A 22yo male in a Jeep Patriot crossed the centerline and struck a 50yo female driving a Volvo C30 nearly head-on.


While the Jeep driver and his 19yo passenger sustained minor injuries, the Volvo driver’s were more severe.

We found out the day after Thanksgiving she was a teacher at one of the elementary schools on the other side of town from the one my daughter(s) attend(ed).

We found out tonight she passed away from her injuries.

I am sad for her, her family, her students and colleagues, and angry. Angry at the situation, angry at the driver who crossed the centerline, angry that although we don’t know WHY it happened yet, I’m sure there is a lot of fault and blame to put on him and I hope he is punished...


Sorry Oppo I just had to vent my feelings.

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