Went to look at some used Kia Souls the other day. The dealer had just picked them up, so there were no photos online; all I knew is that they were both 2013s, both $9,990, and one was green with 20k miles, the other white with 30k. I got to the dealer and immediately spotted a green 2013 in a row of used Souls. It was a base model with cheap hubcaps and tons of black plastic trim. Definitely the one from the website. So, I got out to look at it, and then I saw the white one a few cars down. It looked just like the one in this picture, except it was a creamy white. Fog lights, painted trim, sporty wheels, awesome houndstooth-patterned seats. It was going to be hard to contain my excitement when negotiating a price.

But that’s when I noticed the sticker said $14,450. That can’t be right; it’s the only white 2013 on the lot. I looked at the green base model, and, sure enough: $14,450. Well, that’s really weird, but I pull out my phone and the website still says $9,990 for both. So that’s the most I’m paying, regardless what the window says.


An employee comes up to my dad and me, and he asks if we need help. My dad mentions that we were looking at the two 2013s online and wanted to double check that these were the cars. The employee brings us inside and looks for the keys matching the listing numbers. He finds the one for the green one, but can’t find the white one’s key. That’s not a good sign, but obviously it’s somewhere; the car is right outside, after all.

So, he leaves to go bring the green one up. It’s not the one we were looking at; it’s behind the building and it hasn’t been detailed or inspected yet. It’s gross. The interior is smoke-stained and smells awful. It’s also a stick, even though the ad said it was an automatic. (Yes, yes, I know it’s more fun that way. But that’s not the point.) So what the hell?

Turns out the green one arrived that morning and the white one is still in transit. That’s why there aren’t any pictures. What’s worse is the fact that it costs the same as the base model with 10,000 fewer miles. What could be different about the white one to keep it the same price? Well, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume it’s the transmission. I’m 99% sure that this one is just an automatic base model, possibly even worse than the smelly stick shift.

So yeah... I’m gonna go look at it after the weekend, but after thinking I was getting the much nicer one on the lot, well.... I’m much less excited about it.