Sad Day as my Brother's Selling his Lancia Delta HF Turbo

That's what happens when you marry, remarry, have one child and another coming. Don't worry, though, he still has a Skoda Octavia RS.

I'm a petrolhead, but nowhere near wealthy enough to maintain even a basic car, especially since I crashed my daily driver Escort on the M11 motorway in England two years ago. The very car that earned me my very first #COTD on Jalopnik.


My brother asked if I wanted the car, he would give it to me on a discount price, but I'm nowhere stupid enough to

  • keep something in the streets, due to lack of a garage
  • be brave enough to use it as my only, daily driver
  • just have it lying around as I'd have no use to it as I can arrange everything by public transport, eventhough I travel an awful lot

So, my heart is broken ,but it goes away from the family. So here it is, if you want to buy it.

EDIT: Don't get scared, Google Translate misinterpreted the price. It's 450,000HUF, which is about 1,200GBP, 1,500EUR or 2,000USD.

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