Sad day, bois. She ded.

Boroscope into cylinder #3 and #2, #3 looks to have bits of metal in it, all 4 have valve-markings punched in the top of them. They’re normally flat-top pistons.


See those lines on the end of the cams? They’re meant to line up. They don’t. And i think neither of them are correctly phased to the crank anymore aswell.

I think the timing tensioner jumped or fucked off somehow, haven’t taken apart to confirm yet, kicking the belt off on a wild ride. Turning it over now it locks up when each piston pair reached the top due to valve interference.

Was driving mom and a trailer to the recycling dump, had unloaded with the car running all while(it doesn’t wanna start when hot anymore), we both noticed a weird sound like a bearing on a belt follower going bad, singing/whining. Pulled away from the place, made it 200m, hear something start slapping around so turn off the engine, or atleast i think i was the one who turned it off, and coast to a stop.


Look under bonnet to find my initial suspicion to be correct, it had torn half of the accessory drive belt, and was flinging it around. Not the first time i lose one of these. Car won’t start because it’s heatsoaked. Call dad to come pick up the trailer, call roadside assistance to come get the car due to a no-start. 25 mins later dad shows up to get the trailer, i try cranking the car, it sounds like zero compression and just runs easily along with the starter.

Roadside assistance guy also said it was a timing belt from what i told him it did. He was right.


So, 4 months away from it’s 6 year anniversary, 75.000km and 5.883 liters of fuel later she’s a goner. Neither me or dad has ever seen this happend to one of these engines(we both race similar cars).

Where to now? I honestly don’t know. We should have the parts to build a new engine for it, but time is catching up to the rest of the car by now. There’s a dealer who has a stupid-cheap 2003 Ford Mondeo 2.0 on the lot i might go check out, but i don’t have high hopes for it being worth any kind of money. Finding another Escort will likely to next to impossible because they’re cheap beater cars to most people.


RIP, you magnificent beast.

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