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Sad it is over, but satisfied with the ending- Despite all the problems I had with the writing in this season, from a direction, production design,visual effects, music and acting standpoint it was fantastic.

What I didn’t like was 1) Dumb&Dumber rushing to hit an ending (should have been 10 episodes at least in S7 and 8) 2) The showrunners writing towards said ending and other big “shocking” moments rather than allowing the story to unravel based on how the characters would actually act in any given situation.


Spoilers Ahead:


The last episode did not disappoint for me personally. I saw the gleam of old GOT with the interactions involving Tyrion. Especially the small council scene which I didn’t want to end. As for individual character fates:

1. Fine with Jon either being burnt by Drogon (Amazing how they showed emotion on the dragon) or ending up as the new King Beyond the wall leading the freefolks to resettle those lands. The Unsullied don’t know about the Nights Watch so they’ll leave knowing he is serving a life sentence. As for why they didn’t kill Jon or Tyrion I don’t know, Perhaps they are so used to following orders they didn’t want to make decisions.


2. Dany- Saw this coming all the way from Essos but what can I say that’s not already been said? The way they got their was absolute shitshow. Sure Tyrion’s talk with Jon was almost a veiled explanation for viewers but still not enough.

3. Arya the Explorer. Man they’re surely pushing hard for that sequel. I’d watch the shit out of a Sindbad style show


4. Sansa- Queen in the North. Fitting conclusion. Plus since her brother is the King she will remained allied to the Kingdom even if fully independent. I assume she will be like Queen Elizabeth and never marry and hold power as long as she lives

5. Bran as the new king was a surprise someone who is unattached to material possessions and human relationships is good in my opinion. He’s basically like the AI whom Tyrion can tap into for advice and guidance based on his knowledge and foresight.There will be peace in the realm because the king and his non-existent immediate family won’t stir up shit.


6. That brings me to Tyrion. Bran is not a key power figure in this story now, he is the face of the crown. The real power in Westeros is the Hand of the King and he is a damn good one at it. I wanted Tyrion to be the Hand of whoever ends up being the one on the top.

I read comments online from folks who hated Bran being the king and wanted a perfect solution in the last episode. There won’t be, it has to be worked on. It was good that Sam’s suggestion was laughed at because it won’t work in this setting. The wheel has to be broken slowly. Will there be revolts? Will some of the kingdoms want to secede? Sure. But, Tyrion is in the best position and has the brains and the brawn (and Bronn) to manage that. Again the problem comes with the rushed writing. Plus There should have been an episode or two just fleshing out the process and the lords and ladies discussing all options and possibilities with tyrion leading negotiations. I was thinking one option was Westeros would become 7 independent kingdoms again but that based on history would only lead to internal strife and constant wars. Back to before Aegon 1 came by united them all.


This is my favorite episode of this season, followed by Ep1 and Ep2 because of all the reunions and interactions. They screwed up but the ending left me pleased.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. I started watching in 2012 and I still love this show (not a book reader yet), never been invested in any TV or movie series like this one not even the MCU. I love watching it with my family and friends and reading and talking about it offline and online. And now my watch has ended.

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