Hey look, it's that one jackass hardly any of you know because he doesn't post as much as he should. And he's got something stupid to share.

Anyway, I like me some Legos. I like me some cars. and I lovelovelovelovelovelvoeLOVE to write. In my spare time, those usually meet. One storyline I was thinking of writing up was inspired by that totaled ZL1 bullshittery that happened...about a month or so ago? Anyway, the story is basically an eccentric and possibly criminally insane head of a performance company learns of events pretty much copy & paste of the ZL1 spiel only with his cars, insane head goes apeshit.

Thing is he gets wind of the event from a Jalopnik parody site. I was gonna have a pic of a blog page telling the events and such, and I was wondering if anyone here is up to write it, and if someone's got mad editing skills, maybe design the nonexistent webpage of the Jalopnik parody? I don't need anything super-fancy, and if no-one can help, that's alright. I'm just asking because I want an authentic feel that it was a blog made by actual paid writers and whatnot.