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Sad Nathaniel is sad :( /Introducing myself

My gf isn't a car person, she likes cars that she thinks looks good...and she doesn't like being shown E30's orrr E36's :/ Oh, and btw, my name is Nathaniel, I've been posting/commenting on OPPO for roughly 2 weeks now, not gotten to know many people, but alot of you are awesome :) I live in Colorado, drive a 65' Beetle and a 350Z, 22 year's old, working at UPS, and if anyone wants to ever talk, feel free to hit me up, I'm always up for a chat, especially one about cars ;) Also, noticing alot of Colorado'ans here, I was hoping maybe we could organize a Colorado OPPO meet once the weathers nice maybe? Who knows, but any who, I hope I'm doing a good job as a part of the OPPO family :)


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