Preface: Oppo is still going, so I’m not going to get too crazy writing about how it’s going down just yet. We don’t know that FOR SURE yet if G/O is going to kill it, and, as we have several backup options on the board now, it’s “business as usual” for my posting for now. :)  

As you all know, I love the FIAT 126p and want to import one. That is still on the cards and I still have funds saved up for it when my living / storage situation changes enough to allow it. I ALSO, have been on a kick of wanting to import a Piaggio Ape TM for the last 1-2 years or so.

Awhile back, I emailed the Nova Scotia DOT to ask for certain which license I would need to drive one here as ANY three-wheeled vehicle is supposedly considered a motorcycle here. As the Ape TM is available with car-style controls (the usual steering wheel, gas, brake, clutch, floor-mounted manual shift, etc), and it has full street-legal modcons (full lighting, being road legal pretty much globally, etc) I thought I would double-check...

Just received a reply back yesterday, finally...APPARENTLY they are unregisterable for the road here, which kills me dream of importing one! :( I COULD import one, but I wouldn’t be able to use it except offroad, and there’s no fun in that. There were a small number of Apes imported and sold here in Canada back in the...late 70s or 80s? Not sure when, but back then somewhere? They ARE legal here because they were grandfathered in under that situation - I’ve connected somebody that owns an Ape 50 in Halifax and his is road-legal as it was grandfathered in through that.

Apparently the only ‘non-single-track’ (as they call it) vehicle that can be registered here for road use is the Can-Am Spyder and it’s siblings. Apparently the Polaris Slingshot is not legal here....well....not legal for SALE here. It’s legal in every other province and can be driven here if purchased and registered in another province (like if somebody owns one and visits with it), but that’s it.

Nova Scotia is not like many places in the US where you can buy a car and register it in another state and keep using it where you are despite the registration being out of state. I think most provinces are like this. If you own a vehicle you only have so long before you HAVE to put plates for the province of your residence on it...because that is where you live. Makes sense.

SOOO....long story short, I won’t be able to get an Ape TM and this makes me many sads...I mean, look at the industrious little thing!



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