Sad news from Japan... (INITIAL D IS DEAD, PEOPLE!)

Initial D, after 18 years of publication (nearly 14 years of anime), will be discontinued this month. Right in the childhood.

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Sorry, Takumi. You never made it to the racing circuit.
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It sucks that Japan's automotive culture is taking suck a hit (Now, this. Last year, best motoring. 2009, Wangan Midnight. Bosozoku is up, hellaflush is up, racing is down).


Anyways, what do you think will happen in the final issue to tie all the loose ends?

Daender makes the point that Keisuke has shown superior improvement in his ability; he has therefore been thrust into the forefront of the last few episodes of the 5th stage. Is this end of Initial D going to result in a rebirth focusing on circuit racing, involving Keisuke more? We have seen Shigeno's tendency to focus on other characters at times with Extra Stage 2, so he may just be segway-ing into another, related series. Hmmmm...

I, for one, always thought we would see Takumi make his way into organized racing. It would be a shame to leave that potential piece of the story line untapped.

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