Once upon a time, there was a red Juke. It made me think of Crazie Kanuck; in fact, this Juke was also an SV. I saw it sometimes and I knew the person who drove it. I’d thought about taking a picture of this Juke just for Kanuck, as I knew he’d enjoy it, but I never did.

One day, as I thought about taking a picture of the Juke, the driver got into a rental. I was worried; what happened to the red Juke, just like Crazie’s? Today, the red Juke was replaced by a gray Juke. And the red Juke is on IAA’s website with some minor rear end damage, just enough to total it.

This picture could’ve been beautiful for Crazie and an eyesore for others, but in the end, it’s sad that the red Juke had to die. It lived a decent life.