If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Sad Things

Only one of these comes with a manual transmission and it’s not even the yellow sports car.

Toyota: we want to give enthusiasts the car they want.

Enthusiasts: we want a clutch pedal.

Toyota: I can’t hear you over the sounds of how you can just remove the block off plates and make these holes into functional vents.


Also after Doug’s review I actually likethat the car is over engineered. That it’s a chassis and engine capable of far more than it’s factory power. That means that it’s a nice quick “reasonably priced” sports car that some one could daily drive. But for those that want to, it can be turned into a monster with a few mods. But for God’s that are satisfied with less power it’s a cheaper car that isn’t totally impractical.  While at he same time being capable of becoming an 800hp demon. Much like eh mk4. 

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