As the unofficial Dragon Corvette historian, I continue searching the internet for updates on a irregular basis hoping for more answers.

Without seeing an update for years, this just popped up in my search, and I believe it fills in a missing gap in the timeline.

Evansville, IN - unknown date.

After carefully examining the evidence and the timeline, I have discovered that this newly discovered Red Period falls between the Blue and the Stripper Periods.

Photos still do not exist of the Blue Period - just the post-red stripper end of it.

It was previously unknown which one of the later blue or red periods came first, but with the blue corner marker light on this new photo, we know blue came first. Black Phallus > Blue > Red > Stripper > Bronze.


Will update the CarDomain page as soon as I get home, and as soon as I remember what the damn login is for that page I created.