I’m afraid that Motor Trend is using Netscape Navigator 3.0 to design their web pages, but it’s not really worth reading anyway.

Short version: you could buy a nice house instead. Written by a person who considers the GT-R’s practical in *their* life, which means their opinions are flawed to the point of being publicly mocked. Don’t be an asshole. If you’ve got the cash, go buy a GT-R. It might not have the soulful flair of something from Italy. It might be horrible for trips to Home Depot. Whatever.


Why would I offer this advice ... having never driven one?

Nor even sat in one?

Disliking the looks of them in general?

Well, I sat near one yesterday. Even saw it. Briefly. While driving a V10 BMW M5 on a closed track. It looks exaggerated because I braked to get passed (you point out the window to acknowledge/permit it for safety, and I didn’t have to brake but I did this instance to be sure he’d be able to brake in time for the turn).

Here’s why you want a GT-R. You only need to watch a few seconds. Even if you’re literally blind you’d know when I got passed.



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