My friend and co-owner of the powah scootah decided to get drunk and high last night and try to drive her home. Results were what you would expect. He crashed at 4:00 AM. (SPOILER: he’s fine, but he is still an asshole)

I knew something was up the second I walked up to her the next morning to ride to the gym. Managed to fuck up every panel of my new paint job (I was halfway done, and very excited to share it with Oppo).

According to my friend, he was driving home after from dropping someone off when it happened. Street cleaning trucks dump thousands of gallons of water on the streets of my city every night, so the road was soaked. In his own words, “All of a sudden, there was a ditch in front of me.” This is something that only an intoxicated person would say, as ditches don’t generally appear out of nowhere. Anyways, he hit the brakes and started hydroplaning, couldn’t correct in time and skipped a few times along the ground.


He even ruined my freshly painted grab bar :(


Much more disturbing than the paint job was the oil that was leaking from the engine.

As you can see in the pictures, it was a worrying amount, especially for such a small engine, and it was still leaking after two days. Took it to a mechanic, who assured us that scooters will often leak oil after they overturn in an accident, and pretty much refused to look to closely at it. He’s not the guy I usually go to, so I trust him about as far as I can throw him. I’ll go to my normal mechanic on Monday to see what he says.


To add insult to injury, the shop where I bought the blue spray paint is out of it for at least the next week. Won’t be repairing the damage any time soon.

Apologies for the doodoo, out of focus potato shots. I was in mourning.