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I got hit with a nasty give-me-all-the-drugs cold and didn’t end up checking out the bike on Friday. Now it’s listed as pending sale...


No bueno.

Ithere are two Ducati dealerships within 7 miles of me and neither of them have any red Monster 821's. In fact, if the pending sale above goes through, there’s only a single red 821 for sale in the state. It’s being sold at the same dealership that has the pending 821 I was hoping to snag, but it’s about 30 miles away, which is 2+ hours each way in traffic. Do I drive all the way out there and buy a bike at full price..? Kind of tough to stomach when the pending bike was $3k less for the same brand new model, just with a few scratches...


If given the choice I’d rather purchase something through the Ducati dealership that’s 5 minutes from me for convenience, and to build rapport with a dealership that sounds pretty great based on their Google reviews. You know... If Ducati had anything other than Multistridas, Panigales and Monster 1200's at either of their Seattle metro locations.

I think I could handle a 1200 (and by handle I mean keep it in city mode and pussy foot it for awhile) but alas... The price difference changes this whole endeavor from being just a bad idea, to a terrible idea.


Bike plan might be on hold. At least I’ll have my license and full riding gear! Also, I’ve never bought anything new outside of work, where I was dealing with fleet managers. What kind of negotiating power do I have here? I’m guessing slim to none given the supply, but...

Tl:Dr - it’s early summer in the PNW! Why aren’t there any 821's for sale 😔

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