Safari Subaru - I can smell all the 3am pabst blue ribbon that resulted in this from here

I like that the seller had to state “This is a real post”

I need to relinquish ownership of what is affectionately deems the Safari Subaru. However the term car is loosely defined on this specimen of Fuji Industries. Its started off life as a FWD 1995 Subaru Impreza, while it does maintain the front wheel drive configuration its structural rigidity has been compromised and strengthening braces have half hazardly been installed and need some work. She does however START RIGHT UP, runs and drives while scraping her belly on the asphalt with a horrific roar. There is no warrantee and a waiver must be signed before purchase. With that being said this is a field beater of Herculean possibilities, the FWD states makes it much better for gift drifts then its AWD brother. Note that fingers may be mangles if attempted to drift due to chain link steering wheel.

None OEM Features


Parts missing due to weight reduction

Mini Koi Pond in center console

Piston (hood ornament)

Short Shifter

OEM Exhaust manifold flipped around to dump right just below the front bumper


2.2 LITERS OF FURRY spin the front bald tires with a might roar from the front mount exhaust

Some of the missing pieces are located in the trunk, my be salvageable

This is a real post, I have a clean title and looking for someone to take over as care taker for this unstoppable subaru


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