Safe, Fun, Reliable, AWD Wagon or Hatchback for under $10,000?

In the coming weeks I'll be purchasing my first car to bring with me up to college in upstate New York. As you can tell from the title I already have a pretty good idea of what I want, and I figured that as Jalops, you guys would be the perfect crowd to help me find it.

I know how important it is for a young driver like me to have a safe car, so I'm looking for something that has good crash-test results, stability control, and side curtain airbags. In addition, I'd like my car to have AWD because I'll be doing most of my winter driving on snowy roads to and from ski mountains, and reliable so my car won't break down frequently. And as an enthusiast, I'd prefer a car that's at least somewhat fun and responsive, and for practicality's sake I won't even consider something that has a trunk. So far, I've found a few, but not many, options that come close to this goal, such as some early examples of the last generation Subaru Impreza hatch ('08-'11), the last 2 generations of the VW Passat wagon, and, to my surprise, the W203 Mercedes C-Class Wagon. I'm considering broadening my search and pricepoint to find more options, but before I do are there any good choices I'm overlooking? Thanks for your help guys!


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