Well Oppo, I’ve got a friend who’s daughter is about a year away from getting her license, so naturally I’m trying to come up with a car for her.


Something reminded me of a car my mom had when I was in HS and college. Roomy, good mpg, decently nice inside for a kid, relatively reliable, and can be picked up for peanuts all day long. So I decided to check crash test data. Pictured above is the moderate offset test results. That’s actually pretty shocking to me.

So, let’s take a look at what his other daughter is currently driving:



Still not great.

Now, let’s go from a $2,000 kids car to some $4,000 Europeans:




The difference is ridiculous. I’m trying to justify a thousand dollar difference for a kids car, but when you look at safety there is no comparison.


These cars came to market about 3-5 years apart. In less than 5 years, car safety advanced that dramatically.

For example, let’s just look at what his daughter is currently driving. let’s just say a lot changed over the next 15 years.



Now that I’m feeling safety-minded today... post up pics of your car/truck moderate or small overlap tests...