Safety was accomplished by relocating the third stud.

So last night before I left home on a short 200-mile trip I plugged a hole in Saint Jimmy’s rear left tire. Just one of those gummy string plug deals. Well apparently they sometimes just come right back out of the tire. 15 miles down the road:

Just a flat. No big deal, right?

Lol no. This is the first time I’ve ever pulled a wheel off Saint Jimmy. This is the first time anyone pulled a wheel off Saint Jimmy in a loooooooong time. Every single part of it fought me. But I guess I’m stronger than those studs, cause I broke two of them off.


Of course it was two right next to each other.

So I pulled the wheel off (which required a short swervey loose-nut drive to break it free from the hub) and then the rotor (which required some BFH action. Yeah I went there) and then carefully poinked one of the three remaining studs out, move it over so the best-looking stud was in opposition to the two lesser ones (no missing nuts beside each other) then reassemble and carry on. Oh. At Rome point I removed the caliber and bracket so I could get the rotor off, but didn’t remember because they didn’t fight me at all. Weird.


So yeah. Spare on, everything back together, took about an hour or so and I’m back on the road. 140 miles later (and many stops to make sure everything’s still tight) I’m still running on the three lugs. In my mind it’s still safer cause the spare was easily the best tire of the bunch.

Guess I’ll be ordering new tires today. If I can survive the Icefields Parkway on three lugs then they can wait to get fixed by the shop.