Good morning and Happy 3-day weekend to all of you fine ladies and gents!

I have the opportunity to purchase a QuickJack 5000SLX locally and naturally got very excited and told the Craigslist killer that I would arrive at his home with $1100 cash next weekend.


What I didn’t do first is measure my pinch welds.

The only problem is that QuickJack states that the maximum span of where you can place the rubber lifting blocks is 60". I measured the distance of the pinch welds on my TL and the inner edges (the rear of the front pinch weld and the front of the rear pinch weld) are 57" apart. The outer edges are 64" apart. If we do a little math, that means on each side of the car I have 3" of available pinch weld to rest my car on, and each corner will be held on by 1.5" if I align my car absolutely perfectly. Not getting the full span does concern me as my life is potentially at risk here. I have thought about this, and when I use the traditional jack stands, those are only about an inch wide. So that makes me rest easier, but I’m still not sold. Compounding this, QuickJack includes rubber blocks to rest the pinch welds on; if I’m only loading the edges of those rubber blocks, I have a feeling they will tip and my car will be unstable. 

I called QuickJack and they assured me that even in this situation, my car would remain safely seated in the air, but I’m not sold. What would you do?

I’m wondering, what would happen if I put the rubber lifting blocks closer together? I understand they would be on the plastic sideskirt piece, but as far as I can see, that plastic sideskirt is only decoration to cover the same piece of metal that the pinch welds are attached to. Would this break the bottom of that plastic sideskirt? Would it buckle the metal?


Could I take my QuickJacks to a weld shop and have someone weld on some metal bars to the ends to extend the lifting platform?

Many thanks in advance!