The planned 26 bi-weekly episodes for the Sailor Moon revival, Sailor Moon Crystal, had its last episode (for now at least) aired today. It’s for free on Cruncyroll and Hulu.

Compared to the original anime, SMC stuck to the manga a lot more and there was a lot of filler removed. That said, they removed a lot of character development and the memorable funny faces of the original anime pretty much disappeared. The first half of SMC was littered with poor quality animation.

But they really ramped up the quality after Act 13 and it kept getting better and better. I still think the original was much better, but with a lot more fluff and silliness. If you ever wanted to get into Sailor Moon, I would say stick to the original animation and/or read the manga.
SMC was downright terrible at times, I would say. But the 2nd half bumped up the quality and storytelling. It became a lot more interesting too.