Or maybe my mind is just clouded by the lobster, shrimp, and fillet mignon hibachi that found it’s way to my plate. Also what is with Dutch Bros? They’re everywhere, and everyone works there. It’s like the Oregon equivalent of Microsoft and Starbucks combined. Are they anywhere besides Oregon..?

Went on Bumble and nine out of ten girls had “Dutch Brothers” in their bio. Stickers were over random vehicles. There were signs everywhere....

Oh and Portland was neat. The bridge systems you go by when coming down I-5 are quite impressive, and... There’s a gondola?? Right over a highway?? I really want to spend a week in Portland, just exploring.


Honestly though, Salem is a weird town. Super spread out and almost a farmtown vibe, with small downtown-ish sections interspersed throughout. Also the traffic patterns are really freaking weird. 2pm? Tons of traffic everywhere. 5-7pm? Almost no one on the roads. The town is completely dead by 9ish, with the “late” restaurants closing somewhere between 9-10pm. Also, why are there not road signs on half of the roads?! I’m trying to find my way around! It’s a state capitol for crying out loud!

So yeah... Salem is a very strange town. I was trying to figure out what the biggest industries were in the area, with only partial success. Government, obviously. A couple of tech companies HQ’s. Some... Farming? Transportation/trucking..? Idk.

Outside of work stuff, and exploring, the only thing I’ve found to kill the time so far is restaurants. Trying a couple daily, but the best by far has been thankshto habachi recommendation from C62030 wants a 6-Series GT. Thank you sir.


hOh and this one’s for you Dr. Z

10/10 good work trip. Did I mention I'm here to learn about Christmas lights?