I’ve invaded your city! I’m driving around in an old Toyota Sienna with a handicap license plate and an Air Force decal on the driver’s door... Grandpa took good care of this thing!

Some things I’ve learned so far:

1. Everyone sucks at driving. I almost wrecked the Sienna because a delivery box truck decided to run a red light. Even my grandparents suck at driving. Both of their Toyotas have the “Camry Dent”.

2. Delta really really likes running Skywest CRJ900s to and from SLC...like they really love it. I love it too!!! The engines sound so fudging good. :D


3. SLC seems rather anti-fun. There are very few bars out here (and they’re pathetic compared to the Midwest) and the liquor stores start closing at 7pm...in fact everything starts closing around that time.

4. Mountain weather is cool. It’s been snowing on the nearby Wasatch Mountains for the past 24 hours, but the snow has yet to make it into the valleys.


5. The homeless population is treated SO MUCH NICER here than Chicago, and that warms my heart.

6. The city’s grid system is pretty intelligent... I mean the main city streets lead right to the Interstate too!!!

7. This Tram.


8. Our return plane will be an Airbus A319 because my mum is too scared of the CRJ900. This means we’ll be here two days longer than planned.