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Salvage Yard Exploration! Re-post for the Morning Crew.

EDIT - Quick repost for the morning crew!

Hey, you! Do you like vehicles? Do you like hearing people talk about vehicles? Do you like watching yutzes yammer on about vehicles while walking through an overgrown salvage yard?

Well, do I have a video for you! Join me for an expected walk through the salvage yard behind the garage I had my brake service done on my Accent at!


Pardon the janky camerawork...I only had my phone with me as I didn’t know this yard was there. For those of us who suck at IDing cars or are not from the US/Canada, I’ve added captions clarifying vehicles I didn’t recognize at the time and to fix mistakes I made as I spoke. The vehicle’s years listed in the caption are of the model you SEE in the video where I can identify it, otherwise the listed years in the caption are the full span for that particular vehicle. The text will be correct as possible, so if I say one thing and the text says another, go with the text! :)

P.S. - the first 30 seconds are a title slide saying basically the same as above, so the ‘action’ in the video starts around the 30-second mark, if you can call it


Pardon any errors I make in my captions or when I was speaking in the video, I’m not perfect! :P

Enjoy! :D

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