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Same as it ever was. Nothing new here. (OpEd)

For some reason, I was listening to the Miami Vice soundtracks while burning my time on the internets and watching Jimmy Broadbent running the new iRacing content before it’s released. All three things at once, yeah. Anyway, This song popped up. It is on the MV II soundtrack. And the lyrics, about the world and government, etc. Are the same lyrics people are writing today or will write soon about today, tomorrow. Jackson Browne was always good, even if I wasn’t always a fan.


Now I’m entering the late forties, and have finally seen a cycle or two of things begin repeating themselves. I’m lucky to possess some sort of comparative algorithm in this skull of mine - Let us call it objectivity - where I can apply history before me and see another repetitive cycle even long ago in the before before times. Anyway, I see things aren’t really different today, and I see a method of obtaining patience with it.

.A few years ago, I regularly drove past a scrap piece of plywood leaning against a chain-link fence for about a week. One day it was spray-painted with “Fuck the System”


The kids are alright. I have no worries. Same kids from my eighties. The same kids felt the same thing back in the sixties. Yup, this is mostly normal.

Tis how I feel.

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