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San Diego Oppos: We need a Silverado/Sierra to film a tonneau cover installation (and you get to keep it) [aaaand it's gone]

Aaaand it's gone. Thank you!

Looking for someone with a 2014-2019 Silverado or Sierra 1500 short bed (legacy body style). My company needs to film an installation of a BAK MX4 tonneau cover on one, and in exchange you get to keep it! We need to do this by next week if possible, just need your truck for a few hours to film, you’re free to hang out while we do the install.


This is the tonneau we will be installing, they’re insanely nice covers:


So if you have one and live in or around San Diego and want a free tonneau cover, please drop a comment and fill out this form:

I wanted to open this up to Opponauts first before we ask the general public. Might have more of these in the future for people with other vehicles.

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