Opponauts- I'll be traveling to San Francisco for work and I'm heading out early to stay for a long weekend as I've never been before. I'm in the process of booking hotels (Sept 26th-28th if that matters), and wanted to know if any of the locations below (free nights at those hotels) would be convenient (cheap taxi/public trans) to downtown or if it would be better just to stay closer and pay for the hotel. Also, would renting a car for the 2-3 days be advisable if I'm staying further away, or better just to stay close and use cabs.I'll be flying into SFO, so transportation from there will factor in as well.

Hotel Locations (Closest to downtown that I can use my points at):

  • Emeryville
  • Oakland
  • Foster City

Also- any tips on where I should visit or tour on the Friday/Saturday i'm there would be appreciated.

Outline of a car that I got off oppo a few years ago for your troubles (I cant remember who originally posted them/if the signature is actually them or not)