Hey guys this song is almost 15 years old. YUP.

also like most of my posts this one comes with a long winded story!

My older brother, who is 8 years older than me, was one of those people that wasn't a car guy till he got his own car. My Dad hated working on cars, and always had a lame car that got good MPGs and a beat up truck for plowing and hauling stuff. So we weren't the kids that were raised with a socket wrench in one hand, and a Haynes manual in the other. My brother's first car was an 86 Chevy Celebrity that he bought from our grandmother. He started modding it, with a headunit, and upgraded speakers, just because he wanted to blast techno music in it (this would have been in 1999). His second car was a 94 Gran Prix SE. It was black with a red pinstripe. And he put a bangin' system in it. I remember cruising around town and listening to this song. Those memories are part of why I love cars. (also it seems crazy now that I think about it, that his second car was only 7 years old and he only paid 3 grand for it. Name one decent 7 year old car you can buy for 3 grand now.)

Also he wrecked that car by rear ending a UPS truck, and a School bus AT THE SAME TIME. Well actually he hit the UPS truck, bounced off it, and then hit the bus, but yeah his car was a goner. Then he bought a 87 Volvo 240 with a manual trans. I thought it was the coolest car ever. My brother's love of cars is one just of the interests that we have shared, and with out him I probably never would have been coursed with this life consuming hobby.