Santa Fe ski trip (and new Expedition)

My wife and I took the family on a quick ski trip this past weekend. It was a make-up trip from our one in early January, as my oldest couldn’t ski with a broken foot. All mended now she was ready to go.

This was the view from one of the lifts Friday morning. Note - you can not see the top of the lift. First time this happened for me, it was pretty cool.


Also had a new Ford Expedition Max as a rental. Was pretty excited to drive the competition to my ‘15 Suburban. Overall slightly nicer interior, good power from the 3.5TT even up to 10,000 feet, and quieter ride (not substantially, but I noticed). Less room behind the third row (6" or so), but that room was given to second and third row passenger leg room, so I’m ok with that. Also cool was the off-road display in the dash that showed the front / rear pitch and left / right yaw degrees, as well as how much power was sent to the front wheels in 4A mode.

Sadly, in non-Oppo fashion I have lots of pictures of the kids but none of the rental.

Normally I wouldn’t share pictures of the family, but good luck picking any of us out of a lineup. I’m the tall one. The one in the red jacket on the far right is our ski instructor for the boys.


Also, I’m impressed with the photo quality from my Pixel 2 XL. Which I subsequently dropped and cracked the screen of that very night. So the trip cost even more...oh well, my own doing.

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