Santa gave the Lego GS to my brother, I began the modding process. What should I do to it?


I thought the normal GS was boring so I made this, only big change was lowering the tank a notch so that the lowered bars had clearance, other than that I only removed the saddles and most of the front fairing, and changed the shape of the tank. I also moved the “protection plate” out of the way so that the engine could be mounted one notch forward, meaning that I only need to move the rearwards components one notch backwards and I can fit another cylinder on each side... If I wanted to do a straight four it’d be a pain in the ass because of how the structure is made... but doable.. I certainly want to try out placing it as a parallel twin and whatever ducati calls its engine config later on....


We have a technic truck back home, so I’ll be trying to squeeze in a bit more ground clearance and perhaps even a four cylinder boxer engine with its parts.

New part:

I returned it to GS form for transportation, I just wondered if you guys had any suggestions. I have an old technic truck sitting in my closet that has a v8 engine and virtually every part. I am definitely going to fit a boxer four engine in the engine bay. What do ya’ll think I should do to it?

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