Santa, I promise to be extra special good next year if I can have this

I have never seen one of these for sale but wanted one since reading an article about them.

It’s a 1956 Powell. It even has a nice place to store a fishing rod.


I’d prefer one with two storage drawers, but with so few built you can’t get too picky.

He doesn’t mention which engine it has, but it would be some kind of prewar Dodge or Plymouth motor. I’ve seen one source even say they used some Chrysler industrial motors.

The grill slats are actually rear door trim pieces pulled from 1950 Ford sedans.

The front piece is fiberglass and was built by a boat builder for Powell.

If you really want rare they built a couple hundred wagon bodies.


According to Hemings only about 110 total trucks and wagons have managed to survive.

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