Here are my thoughts

  • It feels a bit...bland. And dark. It needs color and some lighting. Which you can get, but for a cost, which we’ll touch on later
  • The seats seem lower than my Mustang, which is nice for feeling sporty, but doesn’t help the generally cramped feeling of the car
  • Visibility out the sides looks fine. The back is comical, the rear window is miniscule. Also looks like a huge PITA to clean. The Mustang is bad enough, I can’t imagine trying to clean the Camaro
  • For a reasonably large car, it feels a bit cramped. The door cards seem to intrude a pit more than I’d like. It’s nice because I can actually rest my elbows on the arm rests and reach the wheel, but it might be a little too tight overall
  • The gauge cluster is ugly. In the 2LT trim it’s just bland, and I really don’t understand the shape of the pod. It’s entirely unnecessary and in the way
  • The screen felt small. It’s also kind of in your face
  • The vents are cool, but all the other physical buttons are really small. Over time I think you’d just know what does what, but it’s not elegant
  • The center console is a joke. I have an iPhone 6+, it fits but just by itself, and I don’t think it would fit if it had a charger plugged in. Not that I saw a USB port in there. By contrast my Mustang’s center console is enormous and I keep all kinds of crap in it
  • I like the steering wheel
  • Overall the leather feels softer than my Mustangs. I think it’s a personal preference thing: all but the seats in the Mustang are textured, whereas the Camaro is mostly smooth. I prefer smooth leather. I like the leather in here.
  • That being said, the seats aren’t as comfortable or supportive as the Mustang’s.
  • Switchgear feels nice. The door handles inside are quite a bit nicer than my Mustangs

Overall, I wasn’t really impressed. It’s okay. It’s leagues better than the outgoing interior, and the material selection is great, but the styling still leaves a bit to be desired, and I wish it was a little more spacious.

When I got back into my Mustang, both myself and Jay Lauer went ‘okay, this is nicer’. It looks better, it has color, it’s more spacious.


The thing is, most of my issues could be fixed. The convenience and lighting package adds LED accent lighting, which would go a long way. It also gives you the nice center screen in the gauge cluster which also would help improve that major complaint. You can also get white or red seat trim (apparently the brown went away for 17?), which helps the color.

But my Mustang has that. No, I don’t get LED strips, but I have ambient lighting in the footwells and cupholders and door handles. My car also has white contrast stitching, which is a small detail but adds some color and life to the interior. In the Camaro, that’s another $2800 in options.


When I take the 2LT turbo Camaro and add white interior trim and the ‘Convenience and Lighting Package’ it’s $35,000. And it still doesn’t have HID headlights or LED taillights, which is another $2k!

I want to like the Camaro, I really do. I haven’t driven it, that might change my opinion, but the price is such a non-starter. My Mustang is loaded, lacking only the Performance Package, and it stickers right around $33k. Go ahead and add another $1500 to mine for the 19" wheels I have and their tires, and you come to $34,500. This is pretty near the upper limit of reasonable for a car like this IMO. It’s still cheaper than a Mustang GT Premium by enough to not make the jump. I’d actually argue that I wouldn’t even pay that much for my own car, I got it for about $28k when you factor in my trade over book value.


A Camaro basically spec’d the same is $37k, which is a lot. That makes it a super tough sell to me.

I honestly think Chevy messed up the packages on these cars. They include a reasonable touchscreen on the base models, which is great, but I like heated leather seats too much to go without them. So I have to go to the next trim level, which is fine, but the RS package keeps some simple ‘nice features’ like nice looking headlights and taillights behind a $2k wall.


I know new Camaro sales haven’t been doing that well. It’ll be interesting to see how Chevy responds in the coming years.

Oh, and though I know I’ve typed too much already, I should note: at one dealer we went to there was a ‘15 parked between ‘16s and it took me, a pretty detail oriented person who has spent a lot of time looking at Camaros, longer than it should have to figure out which was which. Jay didn’t even notice it was a ‘15 until I pointed it out, and then he said ‘are you sure?’. As much as I like the overall look of the Camaro, I would find it tough to fork over $37k on a car that looks pretty similar to a 4 year old ex-rental Carmax special.