So the wife and I went down to NAIAS this morning to have a gander at all the cars and trucks on display. I was hoping to get a seat in the Focus RS, but unfortunately it was locked up “for your safety.” I did sit in an Focus ST, though, since I figured it’d be about the same. Not bad, but I can see where some of the complaints about the Recaros come from. Anyway, I sat in a lot of cars, and grumbled about a lot more that manufacturers brought and then locked up. Seemed like there weren’t nearly as many available for sitting in as in years past.

However, one of the cars that was available for sitting in was the Elio trike. It was actually quite a cool cockpit. Since you’re seated in the center of the car, it has a very racecar or fighter jet feel to it. Of course, it was made out of basically the cheapest materials in the world, but that’s to be expected when they’re aiming for a sub-$7,000 MSRP, and it’s not honestly any worse than I’ve seen on cars costing more than double or triple that (looking at you, everything produced by GM until like 2010). According to the rep, these bad boys are going to be hitting the roads at the end of this year.

I have been interested in the Elio for years now. I won’t be making a reservation since I don’t really need a second car, but it now seems as though they are actually going to happen. Maybe there can be a Spec Elio racing series?