Had a few minutes and decided to use the one frame horn (which has been bruising my shins at every available opportunity) to experiment with how I’ll be removing the old undercoating from the Chevelle’s frame and prepping for paint.

Starting with a small section on top, I developed a plan which I then applied to the whole area. First: the <$30 harbor freight “mini needle scaler” (which I didn’t know existed until it was on the front page of a catalog I was throwing away!) does a great job of removing 40 year old rubberized undercoating. Hopefully it holds up to doing a bunch more.

Ignore the shiny top, it’s had more done to it. Just the area (on the sides) ahead of where the tool is laying has been de-undercoated.

Next up a stripping wheel on the die grinder made short (and dusty) work of removing surface rust and generally prepping the surface for finishing.

Currently drying is the test to see if I can brush on red primer and have it lay flat enough to be okay, or if I’m going to have to spray the primer. I plan on spraying the satin black topcoat when all is primed, but for doing little bits at a time it’s pretty convenient if I could brush on the primer (not looking feasible, though).

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