I woke up early (5:30 am) and couldn’t sleep. I figured the carport lights would come in handy. I grabbed a cup of coffee, and out I went to get after the Vespa. I am not at all confident paint can be done in the time frame I want, but I am going to ride, even if I have patchwork body panels.

An hour and 15 minutes later, I have rear crash bars.

All of the body panels, racks and the crash bars are OEM parts from Piaggio. Only the seat, footrest, and mirrors are aftermarket.


The crash bars in particular are unusual because Piaggio does not make them for the ET4 any more.

One of the surprises of this project has been that a lot of these Italian parts don’t fit the bike or each other quite right. It is all coming together.

And most important, I will be riding today.


Second cup of coffee, front fender guard with awesome Piaggio logo installed.


I also figured out how to mount the rack that goes under the bike for the leg shield bars. Those are next, but I have to wait for the hardware store to open. I need a screw that I lost last night. Don’t ask, as many F bombs fell upon the innocent populace.

[UPDATE] 7:56 am. 3rd cup of coffee, rear rack installed.


Cheers, Oppo.


[UPDATE] 10:55 am.



So happy.