Went to check out a self service car wash tonight for only the second time in my life. My first experience was pretty meh but this time it went well! I tried a new place and it ended up being much better. 

None of that token nonsense, you could just swipe your credit card and go. Some peripheral stuff (vacuums, towel dispenser) only took quarters but there was a change machine right there.

This is after. The car wasn’t very dirty to begin with but I wanted to deal with some bird poop. Definitely not a Sven approved wash.

Had no wait and no cars behind me so I wasn’t stressed, except for the $$ counter creeping up. Ended up paying $12.10 for a quick high pressure wash and dry, which is very reasonable. It was as good as a drive-through one (except for the wheels, which I didn’t do anything to), which is like $25 around here. And since I skipped the low pressure soap brush, it was truly touchless.

Swipe card on the “CardMate”, then just push any of the function buttons and you’re good. I did pre soak, high pressure soap, rinse, and then turbo try.
Cameras everywhere, as it should be. This could actually be a great business to own.

Overall, this is a great option for me to do more regular cleaning without breaking the bank or my back. It’s only a 15 minute drive from my house and open 24/7. Plan is to come back with the A4 sometime soon. Thanks for reading.

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